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About ZAP

Founded in 2007, ZAP operated the first Luxembourgish social network:

In January 2008 became the first Luxembourgish website to exceed one million page views per month. Drawing on its extensive experience in social networks and cloud application development, the company then developed several products dedicated to businesses. The latest is Squareboard, a digital workspace that allows companies to communicate and collaborate more effectively across organizational silos by combining the functionality of intranets and social networks.

About Cap4 Group

Cap4 Group helps customers unlock their potential in the development of new digital operational models and strategies.From the definition of the strategy to the implementation and the training sessions, Cap4 Group supports businesses, whatever their sizes, on all digital aspects through its different divisions Cap4 Lab, Cap4 Cloud and Cap4 Learning, throughout Europe.

Thanks to a strong expertise and talented teams across its different divisions, Cap4 Group covers numerous sectors: Industry, Manufacturing, Health, Aereospace, Financial Services and Insurance, which makes it the ideal partner for companies willing to innovate safely and transform in order to fit an ever-connected marketplace.

Cap4 Group & ZAP

On October 15, 2020 ZAP s.a. announced a joint capital increase of its historical shareholders and Cap 4 Group at the same time as the takeover of operations by Cap 4 Group. The purpose of this integration is to provide Squareboard with all the necessary means for international development.

The management team


Mauro Rocco


The board


Mauro Rocco


Patrick Hansen


Fabien Zuili


Marc Neuen

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