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Our hosting offers

Shared cloud, private cloud or on-premise, choose the solution that meets your requirements

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Shared cloud

The Shared Cloud offering is designed to provide small and medium businesses with standard performance and security requirements. It is a cost-effective way to access Squareboard.

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Private cloud

The private cloud offering is designed for large enterprises requiring dedicated resources, advanced performance and increased security while benefiting from the flexibility of the cloud.

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The most demanding organisations can access our on-premise hosting offer ensuring that their data is stored and secured in their infrastructure.

Additional modules

In addition to the standard features, discover extra modules, in order to go even further with Squareboard


Data room

Certain jobs require maximum security. Within Squareboard, store and share your sensitive files in an ultra-secure vault using end-to-end encryption technology.

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Pay slips

An HR application for the management, distribution and consultation of paperless pay slips. A fully encrypted and economical version of traditional printed pay slips.


Days off

An application to manage leave requests, multi-level validations, status of current and historical requests, balance of remaining days... as well as tools for HR Managers.



Multi-resources reservation planning manager with policies for managing and validating meeting rooms or any other type of reservable resource.



Digitise your processes: use the workflow editor, create forms, define validation rules and then collect and process the information. All data is stored and archived in an unalterable way.


Custom integrations

You wish to integrate your CRM, your ERP, your DMS, etc ... with Squareboard? We are able to develop the tailor-made integrations that are essential to your requirements and to your business.


All your data from the Shared Cloud and Private Cloud offers are hosted in Luxembourg in a Tier IV data center

  • Choose the hosting solution

  • Choose the license types: Full, Light, Mobile

  • Choose the number of users per license

  • Choose the duration of your contract

  • Add your additional modules

  • Squareboard is billed per user/month.

  • The price is degressive according to the number of users, the licenses chosen and the duration of the commitment.

  • Unlimited data storage

Build your Squareboard

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