Fully modular, build your Squareboard by choosing your web and mobile features

Key features


Activity feed

Follow all the latest updates from your company: news, events, popular publications, comments from your colleagues, new colleagues, ... 


100% Social

Interact easily and quickly with your colleagues and with the published content by using Likes, comments, mentions, emojis.



Whether it's for a few words or a more elaborate post, don't hesitate to contribute by creating posts.



Add rich content and visuals to your communications, take advantage of all the features offered by the news to express yourself with creativity.



Announce, plan and organize private or public events, team events or company-wide meetings thanks to the Event Manager.


Photo galleries

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether it is for communication, events, or any other purposes, leverage it by publishing beautiful photo galleries.



Don't store your videos on Youtube anymore! Squareboard offers you the tools to store, automatically convert and stream your videos while keeping them totally private.



Offices, subsidiaries, stores... point out the important locations for your organisation on an interactive Google Maps. Add, additional information, photos, contact persons...



The global and group directories contain detailed information on each employee and provide the means for discussion, exchange and collaboration.


A simple question to ask or rather a more complex survey, you have the tools to collect and analyse the votes of your group members.

Must read

Make sure important content is seen and read by adding a reading confirmation request. Analyse your statistics and, if necessary, send a new request back to the appropriate people.


Thanks to the push and in-app notifications, you will stay informed about comments, likes and mentions. Above all, you will be reminded of workflows to be followed and validations to be performed.



Replace long email exchanges with swift and direct conversations; both privately and in groups. Thanks to the mobile app and notifications you won't miss a single message.

Data room

Certain jobs require maximum security. Within Squareboard, store and share your sensitive files in an ultra-secure vault using end-to-end encryption technology.



Important communications or memos: send targeted or global announcements and add a request for read confirmation if required.



Announce new career opportunities to employees, offer them the possibility to contact the person in charge of the position and to apply.



Create professional HTML-responsive emailings without programming but also plan mailings, review sending, opening and click statistics.



Benefit from an automated weekly newsletter, automatically personalized for each of your employees.

Days off

A real HR application for managing leave requests, multi-level validations, request history, remaining days per employee, etc...


Multi-resource reservation planning manager with policies for managing and validating meeting rooms or any other type of reservable resource.


Integrate your Sharepoint cloud sites directly into Squareboard. Offer your end-users a simplified user experience and a unified search engine.


Google Drive

Allow your users to access your organization's Google Drive files directly from Squareboard's intuitive file management interface.


Sign in Google

Your organization has G Suite accounts, allow your users to connect to Squareboard without having to remember a new login and password.


Sign in Office 365

Your employees have Office 365 accounts, allow them to connect to Squareboard as simply as possible with these same credentials.



Provide administrators the tools to manage your platform and the users through a powerful and intuitive control center.


Public, private, confidential, collaborative, moderated; group your users into communication channels, projects, teams, branches...



Digitize your processes: using the workflow editor, create forms, define validation rules and then collect and process the information. All data is stored and archived in an unalterable way.



Communicate and collaborate with customers and partners. Thanks to guest groups, all your posts, news, files are visible to all your guests without giving them the opportunity to see each other. Within private guests' groups, all members can communicate and collaborate without restrictions.


Unified search

All publications, contents, files, ... are indexed.
Results also include Sharepoint and Google Drive files.
You can perform a global search or restrict your search to a specific group or application.


Your branding

The theme manager allows you to customise the application to your corporate identity with your logo and colors. The customisation will not only apply to the web application, but the theme will also be applied to your mobile application.

Pay slips

An HR application for the management, distribution and consultation of paperless pay slips. A fully encrypted and economical version of the traditional printed pay slips.

Full Customer Service

Whether you are a user or an administrator, whether via live chat, phone or email, the Squareboard team will answer your questions or solve your problems in a timely manner.

Google maps

The use of interactive maps has become very popular and very useful. The integration of Google Maps within Squareboard allows you to add a map and a route planner to your content, events and user profiles.

Google analytics

Take advantage of a preconfigured Google Analytics dashboard showing in real time the use of your platform, the most active sites or regions, as well as the most active groups, the most popular content...

File manager

Not all organizations use Microsoft Sharepoint or Google Drive. Squareboard therefore integrates a file manager available in each group to store, organise and archive your files and documents.

Double authentication

The password as the sole authentication method is no longer suitable for today's business. Protect your access and data by giving your users the possibility to activate two factor authentication.

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