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What is Squareboard?

The essentials of Squareboard in four points

Qu'est-ce que Squareboard


A cloud based enterprise collaborative platform combining intranets and social networks functionalities.


Your digital workplace accessible at any time on computers,  iOS & Android smartphones and tablets.


The new tool for your teams to share, communicate, collaborate and accomplish their missions in one place in total safety. Bringing together people, projects, processes and fighting against organizational silos.


A means to improve productivity and accelerates your business through easier collaboration and communication.

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The Benefits

Squareboard has 3 core characteristics that makes it a unique solution on the market


Made in Luxembourg

The web and mobile development team are based in Luxembourg, which has allowed Squareboard to obtain the 'Made in Luxembourg' label.



“Privacy by Design” has been at the heart of our application since the beginning. Squareboard has been audited early on and certified as GDPR compliant.


Hosted in Luxembourg

Squareboard holds the 'Hosted in Luxembourg' seal certifying that the data is hosted in the Grand-Duchy and that the Luxembourg law on data protection, the Civil Code and the Commercial Code for the hosting contract, apply.

Why Squareboard?


Squareboard is composed of a rich suite of applications that complement each other, all of whose data is secure and hosted in Europe, while remaining your sole property.
Gather information, collaborators, projects and procedures in a single place with Squareboard.



Squareboard is a multi-channel communication solution combining applications, groups, instant conversation and social features.
Simply communicate with your employees, your communities and your customers thanks to Squareboard.

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Via Squareboard, employees can easily access all the resources made available by their organisation. They can simply organize themselves into teams and work groups. At all levels of the company, collaboration is simplified by centralized organization, communication, documentation and sharing tools.
Squareboard helps break down organizational silos by enabling effective collaboration and communication between teams, departments, entities or countries.

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To effectively carry out one's work on a daily basis requires appropriate tools. Squareboard offers all the tools you need to be efficient in the accomplishment of your missions. Save time with a single communication and collaboration platform.

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The power of Squareboard in your pocket!

Connected even when on the move on your smartphones or iOS and Android tablets

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